product noun

1 sth that is made or formed

ADJ. good, right We have a good product, but it needs to be marketed better. the right product in the right place at the right time | innovative | quality | everyday | natural | manufactured | finished the manufacture of chocolate from cocoa bean to the finished product | commercial, consumer | household, industrial everyday household products | waste | agricultural, cereal, dairy, food, meat | pharmaceutical | software | beauty

VERB + PRODUCT buy | sell | market, promote | develop | launch

PRODUCT + NOUN area, category, group, line, range, sector, type | design | development | package | price | quality

PHRASES a range of products a wide range of beauty products > Special page at BUSINESS

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ADJ. end, final A complicated string of chemical reactions leads to the end product. | natural

PREP. ~ of Like many of his generation, he was a product of Scotland's obsession with football.