prison noun

ADJ. local | overcrowded | high-security, maximum-security, top-security | closed | open Open prisons prepare prisoners for life back in the community. | private | women's | debtors' (historical) | military

VERB + PRISON go to He went to prison for tax evasion. | put sb in, send sb to, throw sb into She was sent to prison for leaking state secrets. He was immediately seized and thrown into prison. | be discharged from, be released from, come out of, get out of When did he get out of prison? | escape from A dangerous criminal has escaped from a high-security prison. | avoid, escape You only escaped prison (= escaped being sent to prison) because of your previous good character. | face She was told by magistrates she could now face prison.

PRISON + NOUN sentence, term | cell, hospital | conditions | population | authorities, governor, inmate, officer, staff, warder | service, system

PREP. at a/the~ The police are investigating disturbances at the prison. | in (a/the) ~ How long has her father been in prison? There have been riots in the prison.