pride noun

1 feeling of being proud of sb/sth

ADJ. fierce, great

VERB + PRIDE feel, have, swell with They have a fierce pride in their traditions. He swelled with pride as he held the trophy. | express

PREP. with ~ I wear my policeman's uniform with pride. ‘My daughter's a writer,’ he added with pride. | ~ in She expressed pride in her child's achievement.

PHRASES a cause/matter for pride Their reputation for fairness is a matter for pride. | a source of pride, take (a) pride in sth She takes great pride in her work.

2 self-respect

ADJ. great | civic, family, local, national, personal, professional | dented, hurt, injured, wounded He was nursing his hurt pride. | foolish, stubborn It was foolish pride that prevented me from believing her.

VERB + PRIDE have I don't want your money?I have my pride, you know! | hurt I didn't mean to hurt your pride. | restore, salvage We want to restore pride in our public services. They managed to salvage some pride with a late goal. | swallow She swallowed her pride and phoned him.

PREP. out of ~ She refused their help out of pride. | through ~ It would be stupid to refuse through pride.

PHRASES a matter of pride It is a matter of pride for him that he has never accepted money from his family. | a sense of pride They have a strong sense of pride in their work. | with your pride intact She refused his offer tactfully, allowing him to go away with his pride intact.