price noun

ADJ. exorbitant, high, inflated, prohibitive, steep | low | bargain, budget designer clothes at bargain prices | attractive, fair, reasonable, right We sell quality tools at the right price. | good I managed to get a good price for my old car. | average | asking, purchase What's the asking price for this house? You need to pay a deposit of 10 per cent of the purchase price of the property. | retail, sale, selling | cost They are selling off summer shoes at cost price. | full, half Children travel half price until age ten. | market This website tells you the market price of all makes of second-hand car. | admission admission prices at the museum | consumer | commodity, food, house, land, property, share | electricity, energy, fuel, oil, petrol

VERB + PRICE command, fetch, go for Property in the area is now fetching ridiculously high prices. | give sb, quote sb I got a number of suppliers to quote me their best prices. | charge, set | increase, push up, raise | bring down, cut, lower, mark down, push down, reduce, slash | go up in, increase in, rise in Oil is set in go up in price. | come down in | range in, vary in These computers range in price from £1,300 to £2,000. | undercut

PRICE + VERB go up, rise, shoot up, skyrocket, soar House prices went up by 5 per cent last year. Prices soared during the war. | drop, fall, go down, slump If prices slump further, the farmers will starve. | go from … to … , range from … to … , start at Prices go from $30 for the standard model to $150 for the deluxe version.

PRICE + NOUN level, range | increase, rise | cut | change, movement | war | tag I got a shock when I looked at the price tag. | list | index the share price index

PREP. at a/the ~ Food is available, at a price (= at a high price). I can't afford it at that price. | in ~ Cigarettes have remained stable in price for some time.

PHRASES a drop/a fall/a reduction in price, an increase/a rise in price, pay a heavy price (for sth) The team paid a heavy price for its lack of preparation. | place/put a price on sth You can't put a price on happiness. | the price of freedom/success, etc. (= the unpleasant things you must suffer to have freedom, success, etc.), a small price to pay (for sth) The cost of a policy premium is a small price to pay for peace of mind. > Note at PERCENT (for more verbs)