prestige noun

ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, high, immense Winning the prize carries immense prestige. | low | international, national | personal | military, political, social

VERB + PRESTIGE enjoy, have an international company that enjoys immense prestige | lack | acquire, derive, gain, get | accord sb/sth, give sb/sth Different jobs are accorded different levels of prestige. | bring, carry | lose | rise in | boost, enhance, increase, raise | damage, lower The royal couple's prestige was damaged by the allegations.

PREP. ~ among/with the party's prestige among the public | ~ within The post carried great prestige within the police force.

PHRASES a loss of prestige Doctors have suffered a loss of prestige following a spate of scandals. | a matter of prestige Wearing designer clothes is a matter of personal prestige for many teenagers.