press verb

1 push sth firmly

ADV. firmly, hard She pressed down hard on the gas pedal. | gently, lightly | close/closely He pressed up closer against the wall, terrified of being seen. | back, down, forward, together, up The crowd pressed forward. She pressed her lips together.

PREP. against She pressed her face against the window. | into Bella pressed her face into the pillow. | on She pressed on the doorbell. | to He pressed a finger gently to her lips.

PHRASES press sth flat/open/shut He pressed the lid firmly shut.

2 try to persuade sb

ADV. strongly In the interview he strongly pressed his point of view. | consistently, continually, repeatedly | further | successfully

VERB + PRESS continue to

PREP. for The party will continue to press the case for a new electoral system. | on I did not press him further on the issue.

3 iron sth

PHRASES immaculately/neatly pressed his immaculately pressed suit PHRASAL VERBS press on

ADV. blindly | boldly

PREP. with They pressed boldly on with their plan.

PHRASES press on regardless The weather was dreadful but we pressed on regardless.