prayer noun

ADJ. little, short | private, silent | special | fervent | evening, morning | daily | family

VERB + PRAYER offer (up), say, send up, utter I sent up a quick prayer and entered the interview room. | remember sb in Let us remember them in our prayers today. | hear | answer Does God answer our prayers? | kneel in The congregation knelt in prayer. | join in, meet for local groups meeting for prayer | have We had family prayers before breakfast. | attend Students are required to attend prayers twice a week.

PRAYER + NOUN book | mat, rug | meeting, service

PREP. at ~ He spends an hour each day at prayer. | in ~ She moved her lips in silent prayer. | ~ for a prayer for peace | ~ of I said a prayer of grateful thanks to God. | ~ to

PHRASES the answer to (all) sb's prayers (= exactly what sb needs) The letter was the answer to her prayers.