practice noun

1 actual doing of sth

VERB + PRACTICE put sth into I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice.

PREP. in ~ The idea sounds fine in theory, but would it work in practice?

2 doing sth many times

ADJ. basketball, catching, piano, etc. | target

VERB + PRACTICE do, get (in), have I'll be able to get in a bit of practice this weekend. I've had a lot of practice in saying ‘no’ recently! | need, require, take Don't worry if you can't do it at first?it takes practice! | give sb This chapter gives students practice in using adjectives.

PRACTICE + NOUN ground | game, session

PREP. out of ~ If you don't play regularly you soon get out of practice. | with ~ His accent should improve with practice. | ~ at practice at swimming underwater | ~ in The children need more practice in tying their shoelaces.

PHRASES be good practice for sth It will be good practice for later, when you have to make speeches in public.

3 way of doing sth

ADJ. good adopting current best practices in your business | corrupt, sharp, unethical, unfair | discriminatory, restrictive | accepted, common, current, established, normal, standard, universal, usual, widespread It is standard practice not to pay bills until the end of the month. | local | cultural, legal, medical, religious, sexual the medical practices of ancient Egypt | accounting, administrative, business, employment, management, working studying Japanese working practices

VERB + PRACTICE introduce The practice of community policing was introduced in the 1970s. | adopt, follow, use | promote | change, modify Established practices are difficult to modify. | ban, outlaw, prevent, prohibit, stop

PRACTICE + VERB begin | continue the ancient custom of log rolling, a practice which continues to this day | change, develop, evolve

PREP. ~ of the practice of acupuncture

PHRASES a change in/of practice changes in employment practices | a code of practice voluntary codes of practice between sellers and customers | make a practice of sth I don't make a practice of forgetting to pay my bills, I assure you!

4 work/office of a professional person

ADJ. successful | legal, medical, professional | general (= medicine of a non-specialized type, not in a hospital), private (= accepting paying patients) | group It's a group practice, so you can easily change doctors.

VERB + PRACTICE be in, go into, set up in She wants to go into general practice. | retire from | suspend sb from He has been suspended from practice, pending legal investigations. | open, start She has opened a new practice in the town. | run He runs a successful legal practice in Ohio. | join A new partner has joined the practice. | leave