pot noun

1 for cooking

ADJ. cooking

VERB + POT scour | cover Cook gently in a covered pot for 3 to 4 hours.

POT + VERB brim (over) with sth The waiter brought over a steaming pot brimming with seafood. | bubble, steam He could hear the pot bubbling on the stove.

PREP. for the ~ Local people kill these animals for the pot (= to eat). | in/into a/the ~ Put all the ingredients in a large pot. | ~ of a pot of soup

PHRASES pots and pans

2 for tea/coffee

ADJ. steaming | fresh | coffee, tea (also teapot)

VERB + POT brew, make, put on I'll make a fresh pot of tea. | share | fill, refill, top up She refilled the teapot with boiling water. | empty

PREP. in a/the ~ Is there any more tea in the pot? | ~ of

3 container for storing/growing things, etc.

ADJ. ceramic, clay, earthenware, glass, iron, pewter, plastic, terracotta | flower, plant | jam, paint, pepper, yogurt | chamber | chimney | lobster

VERB + POT grow sth in, plant sth in

POT + VERB be filled with sth, be full of sth, contain sth a clay pot full of oil

POT + NOUN plant

PREP. in/into a/the ~ Plants in pots require more water than you might think. | ~ of a pot of glue/jam