possession noun

1 having/owning sth

ADJ. exclusive They had exclusive possession of the property as tenants. | illegal, unlawful They were charged with unlawful possession of firearms.

VERB + POSSESSION gain, get, obtain | take When do you take possession of your new house? | retain The team was struggling to retain possession of the ball.

POSSESSION + NOUN order The judge made a possession order against the tenant.

PREP. in ~ of sth Drivers must be in possession of a current driving licence. | in your ~ They have in their possession some very valuable pictures.

PHRASES in full possession of sth Anyone in full possession of the facts would see that we are right.

2 sth that sb has/owns

ADJ. family, personal, private | cherished, prized, proud, treasured, valuable, valued The sports car was her proudest possession. | material, worldly He carried all his worldly possessions in an old suitcase. | colonial, continental, overseas the country's overseas possessions (= colonies).

VERB + POSSESSION acquire | collect | sell | lose