pool noun

1 swimming pool, etc.

ADJ. paddling, swimming | birthing babies born in birthing pools | big | little, small | deep | empty | indoor | open-air, outdoor | heated | inflatable We gave the children an inflatable paddling pool for Christmas.

VERB + POOL swim in | dive/jump/plunge into

POOL + NOUN attendant

PHRASES the bottom/edge/middle/side of the pool, a length of the pool He swam three lengths of the pool.

2 small shallow area of water

ADJ. big, large | little, small | deep | shallow | stagnant, still | freshwater, salt-water | muddy | rock | ornamental

PREP. in a/the ~ The children waded in the shallow rock pools. | ~ of pools of water

3 small area of liquid/light

ADJ. big | little, small | dark | mud

VERB + POOL lie in The body lay in a dark pool of blood.

PREP. in a/the ~ animals wallowing in the mud pools | ~ of pools of light

4 supply of sth

ADJ. big, huge, large | small | common drawing on funds from a common pool | car, labour, typing

PREP. ~ of a large pool of cheap labour