poll noun

1 survey of opinion

ADJ. local, national | opinion | political, popularity | exit Exit polls suggest a big Labour majority, but the true picture will only be known after the count. | straw I took a straw poll among my colleagues to find out how many can use chopsticks. | latest, recent

VERB + POLL carry out, conduct, take | lead (in) | publish

POLL + VERB indicate sth, reveal sth, show sth, suggest sth

POLL + NOUN rating, results

PREP. in the ~s success in the polls

PHRASES be ahead/behind in the polls With a week to go until polling day, the Conservatives are still behind in the polls. | a lead in the polls A tougher budget might have widened Labour's lead in the polls.

2 (usually the polls) voting in an election

ADJ. presidential

VERB + POLL go to The country goes to the polls on May 7th to elect local councillors.

POLL + VERB open | close Counting will begin as soon as the polls close.

PREP. at the ~s She was defeated at the polls.