politics noun

1 work/ideas connected with getting/using power

ADJ. county, local She was active in local politics for many years. | domestic, internal, national the country's internal politics the internal politics of the legal profession | global, international, world | democratic, electoral, multiparty, parliamentary, party | contemporary, modern | mainstream | practical He argued that it was not practical politics to abolish private schools. | power They took the view that Casper was playing power politics with their jobs at stake. | consensus Consensus politics places a high value on existing political institutions. | conviction | cultural, gender, sexual | office

VERB + POLITICS enter, go into They went into politics in the hope of changing society. | abandon, retire from He abandoned politics and went into business. | be interested in | be active in, be engaged in, be/get immersed in, be/get involved in, engage in, participate in | dabble in, play (informal) | get embroiled in | interfere in, intervene in, meddle in As a churchman, he was accused of meddling in politics. | dominate the issues which have dominated Irish politics | reshape reforms that are intended to reshape Italian politics

POLITICS + VERB dominate sth In their world politics dominates everything.

PHRASES the world of politics

2 political beliefs

ADJ. extreme, radical His manners were as mild as his politics were extreme. | left-wing, right-wing | sectarian | working-class | feminist

VERB + POLITICS discuss, talk (about) (informal) Let's not talk politics now.

3 study of government

ADJ. comparative > Note at SUBJECT(for verbs and nouns)