policy noun

1 plan of action

ADJ. clear, coherent | conscious, deliberate a deliberate policy to involve people of all ages in the scheme | strict | controversial | official, public | government, party | company | domestic, internal, national, regional | open-door an open-door policy for migrant workers | agricultural, conservation, economic, educational, energy, environmental, financial, fiscal, foreign, housing, industrial, military, social, transport, etc.

VERB + POLICY develop, formulate, frame, shape | establish, implement, introduce | adopt, carry out, follow, pursue The government followed a policy of restraint in public spending. | have, operate The company operates a strict no-smoking policy.

POLICY + VERB be aimed at sth a policy aimed at halting economic recession

POLICY + NOUN decision, making | change, review | document, statement

PREP. ~ of The company's policy of expansion has created many new jobs. | ~ on the party's policy on housing

PHRASES a matter of policy It is a matter of company policy that we do not disclose the names of clients.

2 insurance contract

ADJ. insurance | contents, life, motor, etc.

VERB + POLICY take out | renew

POLICY + VERB cover sb/sth The policy covers (you for) accidental loss or damage. | expire

POLICY + NOUN holder | schedule

PREP. in a/the ~ risks defined in the policy | under a/the ~ the types of claims covered under the policy