police noun

ADJ. armed, mounted | plain-clothes, uniformed | anti-riot, riot | paramilitary, secret, security | federal, local, national, state

VERB + POLICE call | alert, tell

POLICE + VERB arrest sb | patrol sth | interview sb, question sb | investigate sth | appeal for sth Police have appealed for witnesses to come forward.

POLICE + NOUN chief, constable, officer | spokesman | headquarters, station | cell He spent the night in a police cell after his arrest. | custody | car, helicopter, van, vehicle an unmarked police car | driver, marksman | dog, horse | authorities, force, service | unit | enquiries, investigation | escort The visiting fans returned to the railway station under police escort. | patrol A routine police patrol spotted signs of a break-in at the offices. | raid Nine arrests were made in a series of police raids across the city. | presence There was a huge police presence at the demonstration. | protection All prosecution witnesses were given police protection. | cordon, lines Some protesters managed to break through the police cordon. | chase | informer | brutality, harassment

PHRASES helping the police with their enquiries No arrest has been made, but a man is helping the police with their enquiries.