point verb

PREP. at, in the direction of He pointed in the direction of the town centre. | to The toddler pointed to the toy he wanted. | towards, with She pointed with her finger at the map.

PHRASES point straight at sb/sth The gun was pointing straight at me. | point the way ‘You must cross that field,’ she said, pointing the way. PHRASAL VERBS point sth out

ADV. correctly, rightly As you so rightly pointed out, our funds are not unlimited. | tartly His wife pointed out tartly that none of them were exactly starving.

VERB + POINT must, should I should point out that not one of these paintings is original. | try to | fail to | be at pains to, be keen to, be quick to She was at pains to point out that she was no newcomer to the area. | be right to You were right to point out that this is only one of the difficulties we face. | be important to

PREP. to She tried in vain to point out to him the unfairness of the situation. point to sth

ADV. clearly Fragments of woven cloth at the site, clearly point to the production of textiles.

VERB + POINT seem to The evidence all seems to point to one conclusion.