pocket noun

1 for keeping things in

ADJ. bulging tourists with bulging pockets | deep | zipped | coat, jacket, shirt, trouser, waistcoat, etc. | back, breast, hip, inner, inside, outer, top | door, seat Please read the safety leaflet in the seat pocket in front of you. (= on a plane) | secret Forged passports were found in a secret pocket in the suitcase.

VERB + POCKET feel in, fish in, fumble in, go through, rummage in, search He went through all his pockets looking for his key. | reach in She reached in her pocket and pulled out her phone. | dip into (figurative) Once again club members have had to dip into their pockets (= spend their own money) to buy new equipment. | fish/get/pull/take sth from/out of I fished the number out of my pocket and dialled. | empty, turn out The security guard made them empty their pockets. | put/stuff/thrust sth in/into She stuffed the money into her pocket and walked out. He walked past with his collar turned up and his hands thrust into his pockets. | fill, stuff We filled our pockets with apples. | line (figurative) Dishonest officials have been lining their pockets with public funds. | pick He caught a boy trying to pick his pocket on the bus.

POCKET + VERB bulge My pockets were bulging with loose change.

POCKET + NOUN lining

PREP. in the/your ~ My wallet was in the back pocket of my jeans. | out of the/your ~ He took a few coins out of his pocket.

PHRASES hands in pockets He stood there, hands in pockets. | the lining of a pocket

2 small area/group

ADJ. small | isolated

PHRASES a pocket of resistance Government forces are mopping up the last pockets of resistance.