plot noun

1 plan

ADJ. fiendish | alleged | assassination, blackmail, coup, death, murder

VERB + PLOT hatch | uncover | foil

PREP. ~ against They had taken part in a Jacobite plot against William III. | ~ by The police claim to have uncovered a plot by terrorists to assassinate the president.

2 events in a story

ADJ. simple | complex, complicated

VERB + PLOT construct She has constructed a complicated plot, with a large cast of characters.

PLOT + VERB develop, unfold

PLOT + NOUN development

PHRASES a twist in/of the plot There are several unexpected twists in the plot before the murderer is revealed.

3 piece of land

ADJ. garden, vegetable | farm, subsistence | building | burial | small | 10-acre, 12-acre, etc. They own a five-acre plot of land. | family, private

VERB + PLOT work

PLOT + VERB measure sth The plots each measure 10 metres by 20 metres.

PHRASES a plot of land