platform noun

1 raised floor

ADJ. high, raised | wooden

VERB + PLATFORM mount, stand on The king mounted the platform to loud cheers. | appear on, speak from | share Union leaders shared the platform with business leaders in a debate on the future of the industry.

2 at a railway station

ADJ. railway, station

PREP. along a/the ~ He ran along the platform to catch the train. | at ~ The train at platform 3 is the 13.15 service to Liverpool. | from ~ The next train to depart from platform 2 is the 10.30 for London Paddington. | on ~ the waiting room on platform 7

3 in politics

ADJ. political | election, electoral

PREP. in a/the ~ the promises in their election platform | on a/the ~ of They fought the election on a platform of economic reform.