plaster noun

1 smooth covering for a wall

ADJ. fresh | chipped, cracked, crumbling, peeling

QUANT. chunk, flake Each blow of the hammer removed a great chunk of plaster.

VERB + PLASTER apply Apply the plaster evenly.

PLASTER + VERB come off (sth), fall off (sth), peel off (sth) Plaster was peeling off the ceiling.

PLASTER + NOUN cast A plaster cast of Madame Fournier stood in the artist's studio.

2 for covering a cut

ADJ. sticking

VERB + PLASTER put on | peel off, take off

3 for protecting broken bones

PLASTER + NOUN cast Her broken leg was put in a plaster cast

PREP. in ~ Your arm will have to be in plaster for at least six weeks.