planning noun

ADJ. careful, detailed, meticulous, thoughtful | initial the initial planning stage | advance, forward The trip calls for careful advance planning. | pre-match, pre-retirement, etc. Deciding the agenda is the most vital aspect of pre-meeting planning. | long-range, long-term | short-range, short-term | corporate | family They give free advice on contraception at the family planning clinic. | town, urban | economic, educational, environmental, financial, military, strategic

VERB + PLANNING call for, demand, need, require | do The industry needs to do some long-term planning.

PLANNING + NOUN phase, stage The scheme is still at the planning stage. | process | decisions | meeting | application | approval, consent, permission We've applied for planning permission to build an extension to the house. | authority, committee, department

PREP. in the ~ The festival was four years in the planning. | ~ for Planning for future development is vital for the community.