plane noun

1 aeroplane

ADJ. private

VERB + PLANE catch, get, take She caught the first plane out. | miss | board, get on | get off, step off I fell in love with the city the moment I stepped off the plane. | fly, pilot | charter

PLANE + VERB take off | come down, land | crash | cruise, fly | carry sb/sth The plane was carrying 350 people.

PLANE + NOUN crash, disaster

PREP. by ~ We left by plane for Peking. | in a/the ~ I've never flown in a plane. | on a/the ~ The president was never on the plane at all.

2 flat surface

ADJ. horizontal, parallel, vertical

3 standard/level of thought/activity

ADJ. higher With practice, an athlete can reach a higher plane of achievement. | mental, mystical, spiritual

PHRASES be/exist/function/operate on a different plane Like all talented musicians, he operates on a different plane from most people.