plan noun

1 for future

ADJ. ambitious, audacious, grand, grandiose The government has ambitious plans for prison reform. | future | long-term, three-year, etc. | immediate What are your immediate plans? | new | original | five-point, three-point, etc. a three-point action plan to improve hygiene at work | definite, firm A spokeswoman confirmed there was no definite plan to stage a concert in the park. | detailed | good The best plan is for me to meet you at the theatre. | best-laid Even the best-laid plans can go wrong. | brilliant, clever, cunning, fiendish, ingenious | feasible, realistic, sound We need to develop a sound business plan. | impractical | controversial | master | contingency Do you have any contingency plans if the scheme doesn't work? | secret | action | strategic | business, career, corporate, development, economic, financial | travel | marriage | peace

VERB + PLAN have | come up with, develop, devise, draw up, formulate, make, prepare, work out I like to make plans well in advance. | present, propose, put forward | discuss | agree The moves contravene the peace plan agreed by both sides. | announce, launch, outline, unveil The minister unveiled a new plan for reducing traffic accidents. | go ahead with, implement, press ahead with | keep to, stick to Let's stick to our original plan | cancel, change | abandon, cancel, drop, scrap, shelve | fight, oppose Local residents have vowed to fight plans to build a new road.

PLAN + VERB be afoot Plans are afoot to stage a new opera. | be aimed at sth The government launched a five-year plan aimed at diversifying the economy. | call dam have been shelved following protests.

PHRASES a plan of action/attack/campaign To change anything in this organization, we'll need a plan of action. | put a plan into action/effect/operation

2 map

ADJ. street, town | seating

PLAN + VERB show sth The plan shows the exact location of the house. for sth, envisage sth, involve sth The plan calls for investments totalling $100 million. | contain sth, include sth The plan contains four main elements. | succeed | fail, fall through, founder

PREP. ~ for The president will now press ahead with his plans for reform. | ~ to Plans to build a