place verb

1 (often be placed) put sth in a position

ADV. carefully, neatly | haphazardly The books were placed haphazardly on the shelf. | firmly She produced a long silver whistle and placed it firmly between her lips. | gently, lightly | centrally The table was placed centrally. | ideally, conveniently, uniquely, well The hotel is well placed for restaurants, bars and clubs. | judiciously, strategically There are candles strategically placed?just in case we have another power cut. | side by side The boots, neatly placed side by side, were near the bed.

PREP. between, in, inside, on, over, under, etc. He placed the letter in a drawer.

2 (often be placed) put sb in a situation

ADV. firmly | ideally, conveniently, uniquely, well The company is ideally placed to win the contract.

VERB + PLACE atttempt to, try to | be difficult to, be hard to children who are difficult to place in foster homes

PREP. in, on an attempt to place the question firmly back on the political agenda

PHRASES an attempt to place sth

3 emphasis, value, blame, etc.

ADV. squarely

PREP. on The blame was placed squarely on the doctor.