place noun

1 particular position/area

ADJ. good, great, ideal | terrible It was a terrible place to live. | safe Keep your purse in a safe place. | right, suitable I happened to be in the right place at the right time. | wrong | beautiful, nice It's a nice place you've got here. | interesting | busy, crowded | quiet | strange | faraway, out-of-the way, remote holidays in faraway places | public | hiding, market, meeting, resting

VERB + PLACE mark I forgot to mark my place (= in a book). | lose I've lost my place in the script.


PREP. at/in a/the ~ We had dinner at a crowded place in Soho. | in ~ It was held in place with tape. There will be rain in places. | into ~ She tapped the lid into place. | out of ~ Some of these files seem to be out of place.

PHRASES all over the place (= everywhere), no place/not the place This is not the place for an argument. | a place of birth/business/interest/learning/work/worship Please state your date and place of birth.

2 seat/position for sb/sth

VERB + PLACE sit (down) in, take We took our places round the table. | go back to, return to The boy returned to his place | keep (sb), save (sb) | lose I've lost my place in the queue. | give up | change, swap He swapped places with me. | show sb to She showed them to their places. | lay, set I've laid four places for dinner.

PLACE + NOUN mat | card

PHRASES the place of honour He took the place of honour on his hostess's right.

3 role/position/function

ADJ. central, important, prominent | special He holds a special place in her affections | proper, rightful

VERB + PLACE have, hold, occupy Housing occupied a prominent place in the discussions. | know She knows her place. | forget I'm sorry?I was forgetting my place. | restore sth to He has been restored to his rightful place in the community. | put sb in At first he tried to take charge of the meeting but I soon put her in her place.

PREP. ~ in Dance has a central place in their culture.

PHRASES it's not sb's place to It's not your place to correct her. | a place in history a statesman who is assured a place in history

4 opportunity to study at a college, play for a team, etc.

ADJ. free | college, nursery, school, university

VERB + PLACE get, win | award sb, offer sb | lose He was injured and lost his place in the side.

PREP. ~ at/in He was awarded a place at Leeds University. | ~ on She got a place on the French course.

5 sb's position at the end of a race, competition, etc.

VERB + PLACE finish in, take She took third place.

PLACE + VERB go to sb Second place went to the Moroccan athlete.