pity noun

1 feeling of sadness for sb/sth

ADJ. immense

VERB + PITY be filled with, be full of, feel, have | show | arouse, inspire an unfortunate man who inspires pity

PREP. out of ~ I threw the child some money out of pity. | without ~ a cruel leader without pity | ~ for She was full of pity for him.

PHRASES a feeling/sense of pity, have pity on sb We begged him to have pity on us. | an object of pity Deaf people do not want to be seen as objects of pity. | take pity on sb I took pity on him and allowed him to stay.

2 a pity: sth that makes you feel disappointed

ADJ. great, real, terrible | slight

PREP. ~ about The place was lovely, but it was a pity about the weather.

PHRASES a bit of a pity, rather/such a pity That would be rather a pity, wouldn't it? | what a pity What a pity you didn't tell me earlier!