pipe noun

1 hollow tube that carries gas/liquid

ADJ. underground | gas, sewage, waste, water the hot and cold water pipes | brake, central heating, hose (also hosepipe) | drainage, drain (also drainpipe), exhaust, inlet, outfall, outflow, outlet, overflow, service, supply | blocked, broken, burst, cracked, frozen, leaking | concrete, copper, iron, lead, metal, plastic, steel

QUANT. length to join two lengths of pipe together Copper pipe is sold in lengths.

VERB + PIPE lay, run He laid the pipes under the floorboards. | connect | insulate, lag Insulating your pipes will save on your heating bills.

PIPE + VERB lead, pass through sth, run The pipes lead into the river. The pipes will have to pass through the wall. | burst, freeze, leak

PIPE + NOUN cutter, fitter | insulation

PREP. through a/the ~ | ~ for the pipe for the hot water | ~ from, ~ to The pipe from the boiler to the bath.

2 used for smoking tobacco

ADJ. clay | peace

VERB + PIPE smoke | light | fill | draw on, puff away at/on, puff on | knock out He knocked out his pipe in the big glass ashtray.

PIPE + NOUN smoker | tobacco | rack

PHRASES the bowl/stem of a pipe