piece noun

1 separate amount; parts of sth

ADJ. big, huge, large, long | little, short, small, tiny The plate smashed into little pieces on the stone floor. | bite-sized The book breaks the information into bite-sized pieces. | equal | odd She makes her sculptures out of odd pieces of scrap metal.

PREP. in ~s The vase was now in pieces on the kitchen floor. | ~ of a piece of bread A few pieces of the jigsaw were missing.

PHRASES bits and pieces I just need to get a few bits and pieces at the supermarket. | break/smash into pieces The cake just broke into pieces when I cut it. | come to pieces This chair comes to pieces. | fall to pieces My old dictionary is falling to pieces. | piece by piece We'll need to take the engine apart, piece by piece. | smash sth to pieces, take sth to pieces Can I take this jigsaw to pieces? | tear sth into/to pieces She tore the letter into tiny pieces.

2 of art/music/writing, etc.

ADJ. amazing, beautiful, brilliant, fine, good, impressive, lovely, magnificent, marvellous, remarkable, superb, wonderful The best pieces include three paintings by El Greco. | effective, powerful This is an effective piece of writing. | atmospheric, dramatic | interesting | favourite | important | ambitious | original an original piece written specifically for the producer | short a short piece by Willie Simmonds on television satire | finished | occasional an occasional piece on the lives of ordinary people | centre (also centrepiece) | companion a companion piece to the portrait of Gauguin's empty chair | modern, period, traditional | choral, orchestral, piano | museum

VERB + PIECE compose, produce, write He hasn't produced a single piece of writing this year. | commission | perform, play, sing | read, hear | publish | display, exhibit, show

PIECE + VERB be called sth, be entitled sth

PREP. ~ by They are exhibiting two important pieces by Calder. | ~ for a piece for symphony orchestra, choir and four soloists | ~ from She read a piece from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. | ~ of a piece of jewellery

PHRASES a piece of music/sculpture/work/writing > Note at ART