picture noun

1 painting/drawing/photograph

ADJ. attractive, beautiful, lovely, striking, stunning, wonderful | blurred | black and white, colour | posed

VERB + PICTURE draw, paint | colour in The book has simple stories and pictures to colour in. | frame, hang, mount | display, exhibit, show | pose for, sit for | get, snap, take I got some good pictures of the procession. | touch up

PICTURE + VERB depict sth, show sth | hang

PICTURE + NOUN frame | book, postcard | gallery | hook, rail | editor

PREP. in a/the ~ I can't see you in the picture. The story is told in pictures. | ~ of It's a picture of a country village. > Note at ART

2 mental image

ADJ. vivid The book gives a vivid picture of life in Victorian England. | clear | complete, comprehensive, full, general, overall, total, whole The programme was interesting but it didn't give the full picture. | incomplete | broad My visits enabled me to build up a broad picture of the culture. | composite Through interviews and old photos we put together a composite picture of life in the village a hundred years ago. | accurate, balanced, realistic, representative, true | false, misleading, one-sided, over-simplified, unbalanced | idealized, optimistic, rosy | bleak, depressing, dismal, gloomy, grim, negative The report paints a dismal picture of the government's economic record. | confused, distorted | detailed | complex, complicated | disturbing | mental I tried to form a mental picture of the building being described. | historical

VERB + PICTURE build (up), construct, create, develop, establish, form, gain, get, obtain, put together They're trying to build up a detailed picture of the incident. | give, paint, present, project, reveal The figures reveal a disturbing picture of the state of our schools. | complete | conjure up The smell of the sea conjures up pictures of children playing on the beach.

PICTURE + VERB emerge What emerges is a complex picture of family rivalry.