photograph noun

ADJ. old, recent | black-and-white, colour, coloured, sepia, tinted Tinted photographs were an early substitute for colour. | blurred, fuzzy, grainy, out of focus This photograph is out of focus. | faded | clear | sharp | excellent, good, great, lovely, stunning, superb, wonderful | (good) quality | glossy | framed | signed | studio | group, team | family | wedding | school | cover, magazine, newspaper, press The cover photograph of one magazine showed a dying soldier. | publicity | documentary | fashion | portrait-sized, postcard-sized | passport, passport-sized | facial Send a recent facial photograph of yourself with your application. | close-up | still Frame the subject in the video viewfinder as you would for a still photograph. | aerial, air, satellite | digital, polaroid | infrared | erotic, explicit, indecent, nude, obscene, pornographic, topless

VERB + PHOTOGRAPH get, take Did you manage to get a photograph of the goal? I spent the day taking photographs of the city. | pose for | develop | blow up, enlarge | scan (in) I scanned in some photographs of the family to send to friends by email. | touch up The photograph has been touched up to conceal her double chin. | crop | mount I cropped the photograph and mounted it on some card. | publish | make The sun rising over the horizon would have made a good photograph.

PHOTOGRAPH + VERB appear Her photograph appeared in all the papers. | depict sth, show sth | capture sth The photograph manages to capture the excitement of the occasion.

PHOTOGRAPH + NOUN album | frame

PREP. in a/the ~ The wing is assembled as shown in the photograph below. | ~ of An aerial photograph of the field shows clearly where the buildings were.

PREP. photograph courtesy (of) … photograph courtesy Liverpool Evening News (= acknowledging permission to publish a photograph) > Note at ART