photo noun

ADJ. old, recent | black-and-white, colour | clear | excellent, good, great | (good) quality | glossy | framed | signed His most treasured possession is a signed photo of his footballing hero. | group, team | family | wedding | school | cover, newspaper, press | passport, publicity, security | still | action The annual has a good range of features and colour action photos. | aerial, air | digital, polaroid | nude, pornographic, topless

VERB + PHOTO get, take I got some great photos of the party. Can I have my photo taken with you? | pose for posing for a group photo | develop I can't wait till the photos have been developed. | blow up, enlarge | crop | mount | publish | make The sun rising over the horizon would have made a good photo.

PHOTO + NOUN album | frame | call, opportunity, session, shoot The press followed the president round the hospital, waiting for a photo opportunity. | journalism, journalist | processing | booth We found a photo booth on the station. | story | caption

PREP. in a/the ~ Tell me who everyone is in the photo. | ~ of a photo of my son Edmund