perspective noun

1 in art

ADJ. distorted | horizontal, vertical

PREP. in ~, out of ~ That tree is out of perspective.

PHRASES the laws of perspective

2 attitude to sth

ADJ. different, new | broader, wider | proper, true We can now see things in their true perspective. | cultural, historical, political, social, theoretical, etc.

VERB + PERSPECTIVE get sth in/into, place sth in/into, put sth in/into, see sth in Her death put everything else into perspective. | gain, get, put When you reach middle age you get a different perspective on life. This website puts a completely different perspective on world news. | keep | lose | adopt The book adopts a historical perspective. | shift | provide

PREP. from the ~ of We should view this from the perspective of the people involved. | in/into ~ Let's get this into perspective. | ~ in a feminist perspective in philosophy | ~ on/upon It's easy to lose perspective on things when you are under stress.

PHRASES a sense of perspective