personality noun

1 character

ADJ. bright, bubbly, extrovert, jovial, lively, outgoing, sparkling, vibrant, vivacious | attractive, charismatic, charming, engaging, lovely, magnetic, pleasant, warm | dominant, dynamic, forceful, formidable, powerful, striking, strong | vulnerable, weak | multiple, split He developed a split personality after the crash.

VERB + PERSONALITY be, have Barbara is/has a very forceful personality. | develop | express, reflect His choice of clothes reflects his personality. | suit The job didn't really suit my personality.

PERSONALITY + NOUN characteristic, trait | type | disorder, problem | development | change | test All candidates have to undergo a personality test. | clash

PHRASES an aspect of your personality For the first time she was seeing the more unpleasant aspects of her husband's personality. | a clash of personalities, the force/power/strength of your personality He has achieved success by the sheer strength of his personality. | impose/stamp your personality on sth She stamped her personality on the whole programme.

2 famous person

ADJ. leading, prominent, top, well-known | sports | media, radio, television/TV

PERSONALITY + NOUN cult the personality cult surrounding Stalin