person noun

ADJ. young | elderly, old | married, single | decent, good, lovely, nice | caring, gentle, kind, warm | bad, evil, wicked | happy, outgoing | rational, reasonable, sensible Any reasonable person can see that it is not fair. | average, normal, ordinary | private She is a warm but very private person. | blind, deaf, disabled | ill, sick the care of a terminally-ill person | missing | displaced, homeless | unemployed | dead | famous | important | innocent the imprisonment of an innocent person | right, wrong She's the right person for the job. The police now realize that they had the wrong person. | religious | business

PREP. as a ~ What's she like as a person? | in ~ She appeared in person to collect her prize. | in the ~ of Help arrived in the person of our next-door neighbour.

PHRASES the person concerned The disciplinary panel will notify the person concerned of its findings. | the person in charge Can I speak to the person in charge, please? | the person responsible Police think they have found the person responsible for the of muggings.