period noun

1 length of time

ADJ. extended, lengthy, long, prolonged | brief, limited, short The offer is only available for a limited period. | full You have been paid for the full period of your employment with us. | fixed, set The medication is prescribed for a fixed period of time. | indefinite | early, late the late Victorian period | happy a happy period in her life | dark, difficult, lean a dark period in the country's history | critical a critical period in the development of the project | interim, intervening | transitional | off-peak, peak | Christmas | medieval, Tudor, etc. | inter-war, post-war | accounting | cooling-off The customer has the right to cancel the contract during the seven-day cooling-off period. | formative The most formative period of life is childhood. | gestation, incubation | rest | training | waiting | trial You can use the software free for a 30-day trial period. | time

VERB + PERIOD cover the period covered by the book

PERIOD + VERB begin, commence | end | last

PERIOD + NOUN costume, furniture

PREP. after a ~ after a long period of waiting | during/throughout the ~ during the intervening period | for a ~ We lived in Caracas for a brief period. | in/within a/the ~ Sales have gone up in the last-five-year period. | over a/the ~ There will be a reduced bus service over the Christmas period. Changes were monitored over a period of two months. | within a/the ~ Committee members will not be eligible for re-election within a period of two years. | ~ between the period between his resigning and finding a new job | ~ from … to … the period from 1 July to 31 December

PHRASES the beginning/end/start of a period, a period of history, sb's period of office Public spending was cut during his period of office. | a period of study Try breaking your period of study into 20-minute blocks. | a period of time The balance must be paid within an agreed period of time. | a period of transition a period of transition between communist rule and democratic government

2 menstruation

ADJ. heavy, light | menstrual | monthly

VERB + PERIOD have I've got my period and don't feel too great. | start I was thirteen when I started my periods.

PERIOD + VERB start | stop | last