performance noun

1 sth performed

ADJ. live | public | evening, matinee | amateur, professional | cameo | solo | repeat The party are dreading a repeat performance of their defeat in the last election. | ballet, concert, dance, musical, opera, theatrical | benefit, charity

VERB + PERFORMANCE give, put on The theatre is putting on a performance of the popular musical ‘Cats’. | attend, go to

PERFORMANCE + NOUN art | artist

PREP. in ~ The course aims to develop the children's appreciation of music in performance.

2 way in which sth is done

ADJ. brilliant, convincing, dazzling, electrifying, excellent, fine, flawless, good, great, impressive, inspired, outstanding, polished, remarkable, sparkling, spirited, strong, superb, wonderful The recording gives the most convincing performance of Stravinsky's ‘Rite of Spring’ to date. the country's strong economic performance over the last two years | bad, disappointing, lacklustre, poor | satisfactory | consistent | central Mel Gibson's central performance in the film as Hamlet | all-round, overall He got top marks for overall academic performance. | business, economic, financial, sales | academic, school

VERB + PERFORMANCE deliver, give, put in The team put in an excellent performance at the World Cup. | affect | assess, measure | improve

PERFORMANCE + NOUN indicator, level, measure, measurement, standard, target

PREP. ~ as her fine performance as Ophelia | ~ from The film has a great performance from Jack Lemmon. | ~ on his flawless performance on the piano

PHRASES a level/measure/quality/standard of performance to maintain a high level of performance | on past performance Sales forecasts were based on past performance. | the proper performance of your duties

3 of a machine

ADJ. high | low, poor | engine

VERB + PERFORMANCE affect | assess, measure | enhance, improve > Note at PERFORMANCE