perform verb

1 do a task/duty/piece of work

ADV. effectively, efficiently, properly, successfully, well ensuring that tasks are properly performed | poorly | adequately, competently, reliably, satisfactorily | correctly | duly, faithfully He duly performed his own half of the bargain and expected the others to do likewise. | automatically | manually

VERB + PERFORM be able/unable to The prince is no longer able to perform his duties. | be expected to

PHRASES failure to perform sth failure to perform a contract

2 work/function/play

ADV. brilliantly, efficiently, excellently, faultlessly, strongly, well One or two of the players performed brilliantly. The company has been performing strongly over the past year. | badly, disappointingly, disastrously, poorly The car performed poorly at high speeds. | adequately, competently, reliably, satisfactorily

VERB + PERFORM be able/unable to | be expected to students who are expected to perform well

3 give a performance

ADV. live The group will be performing live on tonight's show. | in public, publicly | together The two artists have never performed together before.

PHRASES first performed The play was first publicly performed in 1872. | rarely performed, see sth performed I've never seen this play performed before.