penalty noun

1 punishment

ADJ. harsh, heavy, severe, stiff, strict, tough | light | maximum, minimum | fixed, mandatory a new system of fixed penalties for most traffic offences | financial, tax the heavy financial penalties of leaving the scheme early | death the movement for the abolition of the death penalty

VERB + PENALTY impose, introduce | threaten | increase | carry crimes which carry severe penalties | face, incur

PREP. on/under ~ of They made him promise, under penalty of death. | ~ for the penalty for murder | ~ on He threatened stiffer penalties on young offenders.

2 disadvantage

VERB + PENALTY pay, suffer He's now paying the penalty for his misspent youth. People who lose their jobs are suffering the penalties for longer periods. | accept

PREP. ~ for You must accept the penalty for your rash behaviour. | ~ of It's just one of the penalties of fame.

3 in football

ADJ. disputed | winning | first-half, second-half | early, late

VERB + PENALTY award (sb), give (sb) | give away They were leading until Cole gave away a penalty. | appeal for | be awarded/given, get, have We were unlucky not to get a penalty. | kick, take | score from Owen scored from a first-half penalty. | miss | save

PENALTY + NOUN area, box, spot | shoot-out

PREP. ~ by/from Thet won, thanks to a late penalty from Fry. > Special page at SPORT