peak noun

1 mountain top

ADJ. high | jagged, rocky | snow-capped, snow-covered | distant | mountain

VERB + PEAK climb, conquer, scale

PEAK + VERB rise, tower We looked up at the rocky peaks towering above us.

PREP. on a/the ~ climbers on the distant mountain peaks

2 highest level, rate, etc.

ADJ. all-time The share index rose to a new all-time peak of 2732. | summer, winter, etc. The influx of tourists has reached its summer peak.

VERB + PEAK rise to/towards Production is rising back towards its 1999 peak. | hit, reach | fall below/from, pass | be past Her performance is just past its peak.

PEAK + NOUN hours, period, season, time, year | demand at times of peak demand | rate peak-rate phone calls | level | efficiency, performance The engine is tuned to peak efficiency. | fitness, form

PREP. at a/the/your ~ The crisis was now at its peak. At his peak he was the best player in the world. | ~ of She is at the peak of her popularity. The party's numbers reached a peak of 40,000 in 2001.

PHRASES in peak condition You want your hair to look in peak condition. | peaks and troughs Economic life moves in cycles of peaks and troughs.