payment noun

1 paying/being paid

ADJ. immediate, prompt | late penalties for late payment of tax | early | full, part I enclose £65.20, in full payment of the bill.

VERB + PAYMENT make How do you want to make payment?by cheque or in cash? | arrange for | accept, take Do you accept payment by credit card? | get, receive | stop, suspend, withhold I have authorized the bank to stop payment of the cheque. | refuse sb | defer, delay We may have to defer payment for a week. | demand


PREP. in ~ She wrote out a cheque in payment of the fees. | on ~ of He was released on payment of the ransom. | ~ for payment for work done | ~ from, ~ to payment to the company from its customers

PHRASES a method of payment, payment in advance The hostel requires full payment in advance.

2 amount of money paid

ADJ. annual, monthly, etc. | regular | one-off, single All families of the crash victims will receive a one-off payment of £100,000. | cash, lump sum | token | generous | down, initial | additional, further, subsequent | interim, transitional | final | credit card | benefit, compensation, interest, maintenance, mortgage, rent, tax

VERB + PAYMENT keep up, meet My client was unable to meet her rent payments. | increase, reduce | collect It was my job to collect payment for the trip.

PREP. in ~s an extra $9 million in interest payments | ~ for a generous payment for his services | ~ from payments to the landlord from his tenants | ~ to

PHRASES the balance of payments measures designed to reduce the balance of payments deficit