pay verb

ADV. handsomely, well She pays her workers very well. | gladly I would gladly pay for the extra security such a scheme would bring. | up I had a hard time getting him to pay up.

VERB + PAY have to, must | be able/unable to, can/can't, can/can't afford to help for those genuinely unable to pay Protesters against the tax carried banners reading ‘Can't pay! Won't pay!’ | expect (sb) to You can expect to pay upwards of £200 a night at this exclusive hotel. | be liable to It is for the courts to decide who is liable to pay damages. | be ordered to, be required to The company was ordered to pay the five workers £5,000 in compensation each. | agree to, be prepared to, be willing to, offer to, promise to | fail to, neglect to He was made bankrupt for failing to pay debts totalling over £2 million. | refuse to | help (to) The revenue will be used to help pay for environmental improvements. | get sb to, make sb If Mac had killed Caroline, then he was going to make him pay the price. | let sb She wouldn't let me pay for my ticket.

PREP. for How much did you pay for your new car? | to We pay £200 a week to our landlord.

PHRASES ability to pay Taxation should be based on ability to pay.