pattern noun

1 arrangement of lines, shapes, etc.

ADJ. intricate | geometric | floral

VERB + PATTERN have The jumper has a geometric pattern on it. | design, make, print, produce, weave

PREP. in a/the ~ He had arranged the glasses in a pattern on the table. | ~ on the pattern on the carpet

2 usual manner

ADJ. basic, existing, familiar, normal, predictable, regular, set, traditional There is no set pattern for these meetings. | changing, ever-changing | complex | main | overall The overall pattern of our life changes little. | behaviour | employment | weather

VERB + PATTERN establish, set | follow Their actions follow a very predictable pattern. | fall into, fit into ideas that do not fit neatly into his patterns of thought | show 67% of patients showed a similar pattern of improvement.

PATTERN + VERB develop, emerge Similar patterns are emerging all over Eastern Europe. | change

PREP. ~ for the normal pattern for a boy/girl relationship | ~ in the main patterns in English spelling | ~ of patterns of behaviour