patience noun

ADJ. endless, great, infinite

VERB + PATIENCE exercise, have, show They thanked him for showing so much patience. | lack | be out of, lose, run out of It is quite clear that they are out of patience with me. We eventually ran out of patience with his childish behaviour. | keep I find it hard to keep my patience with them. | require, take Above all, fishing requires great patience. | exhaust, stretch, tax, test, try The children were beginning to try my patience.

PATIENCE + VERB be exhausted, run out, snap, wear thin Molly could see Mr Kirkham's patience was running out, so she shut up. Her patience snapped and she walked out. | be rewarded Our patience was finally rewarded and we got the band's autographs.

PREP. with ~ She listened with infinite patience to his excuses. | ~ for He has little patience for people who don't work. | ~ with The fans were losing patience with the team.

PHRASES the patience of a saint These endless meetings are enough to tax the patience of a saint.