patch noun

1 material over a hole

VERB + PATCH have Her trousers have patches all over them. | sew on

PREP. ~ on dancers with patches on their costumes

2 part of a surface that is different

ADJ. irregular | clear, coloured, dark | damp, wet | icy icy patches on the roads | bald He has a small bald patch on the crown of his head. | rough, sore

PREP. in ~es The velvet curtains were faded in patches. | ~ of There were some patches of clear blue sky. | ~ on A large damp patch had appeared on the ceiling.

PHRASES a patch of colour flowers providing little bright patches of colour around the garden

3 piece of land

ADJ. isolated an isolated patch of forest | cabbage, potato, vegetable

PREP. in a/the ~ working in his vegetable patch | on a/the ~ located on a small patch of flat ground

PHRASES a patch of grass/ground We found a nice patch of grass to sit on.

4 period of time

ADJ. bad, difficult, rocky, rough, sticky | purple The team has hit a purple patch, with nine wins from their last ten games.

VERB + PATCH go through, have, hit Their business hit a sticky patch last year.

PREP. ~ of going through a patch of poor health