passage noun

1 narrow way through

ADJ. long, short | narrow, small | wide | twisting, winding | connecting, side | subterranean, underground | dark, secret

VERB + PASSAGE clear to clear a passage for ships through the ice | force He forced a passage for the singer through the crowd.

PREP. along/down/through a/the~ We ran through the dark passage. | in/into a/the ~ Someone was waiting outside in the passage. | ~ between the passage between the cottage and the house | ~ from There is an underground passage from the church to the house. | ~ through a narrow passage through the bushes | ~ to

PHRASES the end of a passage There was a door at the end of the passage. | a maze of passages the maze of secret passages which wound their way under the building

2 tube in the body

ADJ. nasal | back (= rectum)

VERB + PASSAGE block, obstruct | clear

3 extract from a book/speech

ADJ. lengthy, long | short | opening | famous, well-known | descriptive, purple

VERB + PASSAGE quote, read

PREP. in a/the ~ There's a lot of slang in this passage. | ~ from a passage from the Bible

4 extract from a piece of music

ADJ. lengthy, long | short | opening | fast, slow | loud | quiet, soft | solo

VERB + PASSAGE play, quote In the 15th symphony he quotes a passage from Rossini's ‘William Tell’ overture.

PREP. in a/the ~ | ~ from

5 movement/progress

ADJ. rapid, speedy | slow | safe | smooth | free The UN Security Council has demanded free passage for families fleeing from the fighting.

VERB + PASSAGE deny sb, refuse sb

PREP. ~ across the slow passage of a snail across the veranda | ~ down Steps cut in the hillside give walkers an easy passage down the mountain. | ~ from … to … We are not aware of our passage from consciousness to sleep. | ~ into Portugal's passage into the next round of the tournament | ~ out of a safe passage out of the war zone | ~ over State-of-the-art suspension guarantees a smooth passage over the bumpiest road. | ~ through They denied him passage through the territory.

PHRASES the passage of time The problems only got worse with the passage of time. | a rite of passage Marriage is seen as a rite of passage.

6 journey by ship

ADJ. long, short | rough, stormy | homeward, outward | sea

VERB + PASSAGE have | book | work He worked his passage (= he worked to pay for his journey) to Australia.

PREP. during a/the ~ During the passage, she taught herself basic Arabic. | on sb's/the ~ We met him on our outward passage. | ~ across a rough passage across the Atlantic | ~ to We had a stormy passage to India.

7 of a bill through Parliament

ADJ. smooth | speedy

VERB + PASSAGE begin, complete The bill will complete its passage in November.

PREP. during the ~ There was much controversy during the passage of the bill. | ~ through a strategy to ensure the bill's smooth passage through Parliament