partner noun

1 in a marriage/relationship

ADJ. former | dominant She was the dominant partner in the relationship. | female, male | marriage, sexual the choice of marriage partner


2 in an activity

ADJ. bridge, doubles, playing, tennis I need a doubles partner for the table tennis tournament. | dancing | sparring (figurative) The old political sparring partners are now firm friends. | drinking

VERB + PARTNER choose The teacher asked the students to choose a partner for the next activity. | change All change partners for the next dance!

3 in business

ADJ. full | equal | active, managing | sleeping | junior, senior | business

VERB + PARTNER make sb

PREP. ~ in He has recently been made a junior partner in the family business.

4 in international relations

ADJ. biggest, main, principal | foreign | coalition, trading France's principal trading partners

PREP. ~ in Britain's partner in the aeronautic project