paper noun

1 material

ADJ. thick, thin | see-through, transparent | plain, unlined | lined | graph, squared | A3, A4, etc. | foolscap | blank I stared at the blank paper, not knowing how to start the letter. | printed The Post Office has a special rate for printed paper. | brown, coloured a brown paper parcel of books | greaseproof, waxed | glossy, shiny | scrap, waste I made some notes on a piece of scrap paper. | computer, typing | writing | blotting | tracing | wrapping | crepe | tissue | photographic | filter | kitchen | toilet | cigarette a packet of cigarette papers

QUANT. bit, piece, scrap, sheet, slip, strip I scribbled down his number on a scrap of paper. | roll a roll of kitchen paper | side The essay filled seven sides of A4 paper.

VERB + PAPER fold Fold the paper in half. | shred, tear | crumple (up), screw up I screwed up the paper and threw it in the bin. | recycle | wrap sth in

PAPER + VERB be strewn There was paper strewn all over the floor.

PREP. on ~ I've had nothing on paper (= in writing) to say that I've been accepted.

PHRASES put pen to paper I've thought about what I'm going to write, but I haven't yet put pen to paper. | a waste of paper This report is a waste of paper.

2 newspaper

ADJ. daily, evening, morning, Sunday, weekly | today's, yesterday's | independent, left-wing, right-wing | local, national | broadsheet, quality | tabloid

QUANT. copy Have you got a copy of yesterday's paper? | edition today's edition of the paper

VERB + PAPER buy, get, take Do you take a daily paper? | flick through, read What paper do you usually read? | print, produce, publish | edit, write for/in | appear in | get into The story got into the papers.

PAPER + VERB come out The paper comes out every Saturday.

PAPER + NOUN shop | boy, girl | round

PREP. in a/the ~ I read about his arrest in the papers. | on a/the ~ She got a job on the local paper.

3 (usually papers) official document

ADJ. commercial | necessary | official | identity | personal, private | ballot

QUANT. pile, sheaf

VERB + PAPER show Be prepared to show your identity papers at the border.

4 exam

ADJ. exam, examination, question, test | written I did well on the oral but not on the written paper. | English, geography, etc.

VERB + PAPER do, sit, take | set The exam papers are set by experienced teachers. | mark | turn over You may now turn over your papers.

PREP. in a/the ~ the questions in the physics paper | on a/the ~ You must not write on the question paper.

5 piece of writing on a specialist subject

ADJ. draft | consultation, consultative, discussion, position, working | research, scientific

VERB + PAPER deliver, give, present, put forward, read | draft, prepare, produce, write | issue, publish, release

PAPER + VERB consider sth, deal with sth, focus on/upon sth, look at sth The paper looks at the future of primary school education. | argue sth, propose sth | demonstrate sth | describe sth, outline sth, present sth | be called sth, be entitled sth

PREP. in a/the ~ Freud first mentioned this concept in his paper ‘On Narcissism’. | ~ on a paper on the development of the novel