page noun

ADJ. back, front | facing, opposite There's a photo of him on the opposite page/on the page opposite. | left-hand, right-hand | next, previous | opening | new Write each answer on a new page. | blank, empty | full | loose | dog-eared | printed The speech did not transfer well to the printed page. | contents, title | business, editorial, financial, sports (all in a newspaper) | problem reading the problem pages of magazines

VERB + PAGE read | scan | turn (over), turn to I turned the dog-eared pages of my old address book. Turn to page 30 in the coursebook. | flick through, flip through, leaf through She sat idly flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine. | tear (out) | splash sth across The headlines were splashed across the front page of every newspaper.

PAGE + VERB come loose Several pages had come loose. | yellow the yellowing pages of her old diary

PAGE + NOUN number | layout, make-up

PREP. at (a/the) ~ Open your books at page 14. | in the ~s The murder takes place in the opening pages of the novel. | on a/the ~ The crossword is on the back page. | over the ~ The article continues over the page.

PHRASES at the bottom/foot of the page, at the head/top of the page Write your name at the top of each page. | pages long The story is thirty pages long. | run your eye/finger down a page I ran my finger down the page until I found the name I was looking for.