package noun

1 parcel

ADJ. bulky | neat | suspect, suspicious Police destroyed the suspect package in a controlled explosion.

VERB + PACKAGE unwrap, wrap | post, send | deliver | sign for

PACKAGE + VERB contain

PREP. in a/the ~ I sent the books in one big package.

2 set of proposals

ADJ. complete, comprehensive, total | attractive, excellent | reform | benefits, compensation, financial, remuneration a comprehensive benefits package | redundancy | aid, assistance | austerity, economic, recovery, rescue | jobs | training

VERB + PACKAGE offer, produce, put together The IMF has put together a rescue package for the country's faltering economy. | accept, approve | reject

PACKAGE + VERB contain sth, include sth | be aimed at sth a jobs package aimed at helping the unemployed

PACKAGE + NOUN holiday, tour | deal

PREP. in a/the ~ the measures included in the package | under a/the ~ Under the reform package spending on health will increase. | ~ of a package of measures to assist industry

PHRASES part of a package The pay freeze forms part of a package of budget cuts.

3 computer software

ADJ. software | integrated an integrated business software package | application, desktop publishing, drawing, graphics, word-processing | accounting, business

VERB + PACKAGE use | develop

PREP. in a/the ~ word processing and database software in one package