outlook noun

1 attitude to life

ADJ. optimistic, positive | negative, pessimistic | general | broad Having children gave her a broader outlook on life. | different, differing | mental | moral, philosophical, religious

VERB + OUTLOOK have | give sb | change | broaden Travel broadens your outlook.

PREP. in ~ She is rather cautious in outlook. | of (a) … ~ people of widely differing religious outlooks | ~ on Losing his job changed his whole outlook on life.

2 what will probably happen

ADJ. bright, good | bleak, gloomy, grim The outlook for people on a state pension is grim. | uncertain | business, economic, political | long-term, short-term

VERB + OUTLOOK improve The drug improves the long-term outlook of migraine sufferers. | worsen

PREP. ~ for a brighter outlook for the economy